Gold can be found in naturally occurring lumps known as a nuggets. Where can we find these nuggets?
Well, gold prospectors keep the exact location a secret. "Gold is where you find it" is all they'll say when quizzed.
Its no secret though, that gold can be found in certain regions of Australia, if you know where to look.
Nuggets from Victoria are renowned for their high purity, typically above 95%- and the natural beauty of this material captivates me.

My 'Good Rings' are hand-hammered, from natural, Australian gold nuggets. This unrefined material is sourced from small-scale local prospectors, rather than big mining operations. The environmental impact is significantly less.
I call it "wholemeal" gold- the real stuff.

There are two ring versions available;
Version 1:
The ultimate version is made from a single natural nugget, not melted, only pierced and then hammered into a seamless ring. Great concentration and skill is required to hammer the nugget into the desired shape and size- in three dimensions- without a join!

Version 2:
Several smaller natural nuggets are melted together into one ingot and then the same hammering process is applied.

Naturally-formed Australian Gold Nuggets